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Wild Weather and Design Thinking in Action – Youth Blog

This Thanksgiving week we’re especially grateful for our community of young innovators and problem-solvers who continue to inspire our development! At NCAR’s Super Science Saturday, we invited kids and their families to build different towers that stood up to simulated extreme weather conditions, including wind, snow, and water. Our team loved seeing so many different…
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5 Reasons Why We Love Stranger Things

Thursday, October 26th, 2017. Season 1 Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t seen Season 1 , watch it. The Second Season of Stranger Things comes out today, at midnight. There is a lot of excitement, anticipation, and questions among fans within the Science Galaxy office: Is the entire town of Hawkins a science experiment? In…
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Carousing Kids Chemistry

Kids Carousing? A kid’s party with beer?!?  Ok, how about ‘Chemistry with Kids’ and homebrew ROOT beer.  Although, I must admit, what kid’s birthday party isn’t better with a beer…or two…for the adults? Over the weekend, I set out to fulfill my now 8-year old son’s birthday wishes for a chemistry birthday themed party.  Oh…
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