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Carousing Kids Chemistry

Kids Carousing? A kid’s party with beer?!?  Ok, how about ‘Chemistry with Kids’ and homebrew ROOT beer.  Although, I must admit, what kid’s birthday party isn’t better with a beer…or two…for the adults? Over the weekend, I set out to fulfill my now 8-year old son’s birthday wishes for a chemistry birthday themed party.  Oh…
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Traveling to Totality: Maria Mitchell and her Impact

On a clear summer night in 1835, Nantucket astronomer Maria Mitchell was doing what she loved, observing the cosmic jewels of the the night sky with her telescope. That particular night was unlike any other, because that was the night Maria Mitchell observed a telescopic comet (one that can’t be seen with just your naked…
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DIY Sci: What in the Flippin’ Moon Shadow?

Okay, that eclipse was totally awesome, right?  Did you notice the banana-shaped moon shadows created by tiny pinholes in paper, colanders, or even the spaces between the leaves of trees? Did you notice that the banana was backward?  Did your observant kid(s) ask you “why?”, that one simple question, stumping your common knowledge?   [insert…
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