Playmakers: Meet Lilla

Lilla PlayingMeet Lilla, local playmaker! Lilla is a 2nd-grade student who joined us at CU Science Discovery Family Engineering Day and played with Makey Makey. Lilla jumped right in, explored, tested her ideas, assisted other kids, and set the all time Science Galaxy high score for Makey Makey Simon Says!

Q: What did you enjoy about playing with Makey Makey?
     Lilla: It all was very, very cool that such a small object could do so much.

Q: What did you discover?
     Lilla: That people could be buttons, and fruit.

Lilla Yes


Q: New Ideas for objects to turn into buttons?
     Lilla: Unusual fruits, like pomegranate and zucchini. A sponge, and a tulip, or a stem of a flower.

Q: New ideas for computer games Makey Makey would run?
     Lilla: A Minecraft remote controlled car with fruits controlling it!

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Author: Lilla & Science Galaxy Team