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The Power of Do It Yourself

Our Science Galaxy team is all about Do It Yourself (DIY) projects: From building electromagnets, engineering Makey Makey electric circuits with fruit and Play-Doh, to testing the forces of gravity at our Egg Drop station at the 2017 STEAM Fest – we’ve engaged almost 20,000 people with DIY projects since 2016. You don’t have to…
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Advice from a Fridge and Dryer – Exploring Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf 

“Step Into Possibilities”, “Open the Door to Amazement”, “Avoid Overload”, and “Find Cool Things in Life” state the laminated bookmarks featuring a sparkly dryer that looks like a portal to a different world and an old-school fridge, with an illuminated, open door. We just finished our first Meow Wolf outing. Saturated with emotions ranging from…
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SciKids Blog: If it Looks Like a Duck, and Sounds Like a Duck….Could it Actually Be a Dinosaur?

If someone dared you to roar like a dinosaur, you’d probably let rip a guttural, threatening tyrannosaurus like those typically heard on Jurassic Park, right? That deep, thundering bellow evokes an image of triassic Earth, between 251 and 199 million years ago, where dinosaurs dominated the landscapes and life outside of the ocean began to…
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“There is no law except the law that there is no law.”

– John Archibald Wheeler